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We are extremely pleased to welcome you in our Loft Studio, the first fashion interior photo and video production studio in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and whole UAE. Our Loft is set up in the City of Ligts of Reem Island where will meet you with the team of enthusiastic, energetic and creative photography and videography professionals in all aspects of the both photo and video production industry under the lead of Ekaterina Ivankina. Meet us on your important event such as wedding, engagement, new born, fashion, corporate etc. and get excited of our work - The main trait of our studio is the charm, genuineness, creativity and artistry we inlay into every piece of photography we perform.

Loft Studio, one of the biggest, most inspired, enthusiastic photographic companies serving the Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all other emirates within UAE, keeps our door open for everyone, who eager in photography, videography, dreamers and those ones, who are determined to capture and remember memorable moments.


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We’re the only Interior Photography Studio in Abu Dhabi. Our 200 sq. m. space is rustic and edgy, allowing the photographer to shoot against a regular colourama backdrop, or use the white walls, giving a more edgy, distinctive feel to photos, either you want natural light coming in during the day, or absolute studio light. You may choose any of 8 themed interiors, which are already settled down or imagine your own topic.

We have absolutely female team holding the whole process from the very first picture we make till your gorgeous white leather wedding album is compiled and printed by loving solicitous caring ladies’s hands. We respect your confidentiality. 

Because you know us for pretty a while as @Ekaterina_Photographer and @Weddingday_by_TheLoftStudio in Instagram - We are together with more than 80 Thousand Loft fans.

You can trust your friends!

Can’t choose right package? Create your own! You can easily add or extend listed services in our calculator and at the bottom you will see the TOTAL price for generated package. If still there is something in your dream that is not listed - you are most welcome to enquire it.

We deliver all your photos and videos in time! Exclusive option - Get your photos and a video the next day!

Our team has unique experience all around the world. We captured more than 500 weddings together. Doesn't admire?)

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First of all we would like to share our experience. Taking the Photos around UAE more than 6 years we would like to say its not really easy take your camera and shoot anything you want, especially if you photograph models, families etc.

Some of the places like Emirate Palace allowed you to take photos with proffessional cameras in front of the main view exept weddings. But most anothers hotels will not let you shoot if you dont have special permission from hotel management. There is a best way to book the room and this permission is in your pocket. But this senario is expensive.

For example, Jumeirah group hotels will allowed you to take photos in case-

-your clients stays in the hotel

-you bought 1 day beach club pass

And Uhooo you can take photos with Burj Al Arab view with out any problem.

But in case you want to make fashion shoot of collection and use flashes and models, make up artist etc. You will need to get this permission before shoot from management and its a bit complicated.

Most of the Public Places in UAE are not allowed to take photos, I personally, got many times an issue that security not allowed me to shoot, saying that this is private area. And if you still want continue you will need to visit management and in case they have good mood they will allowed you. But our advise to check everything  before you going.

Planning your photoshoot be sure that you have all permissions!

And now you can read all LAW regarding the photography. If you still have any question you can contact us)

Article 378 of the UAE Penal Code (Federal Law 3 of 1987) makes it clear that taking a person’s picture without their consent or in legally permitted circumstances shall be an invasion of that person’s privacy or family life. Not only will the camera or device be confiscated and the recordings destroyed, but the photographer or videographer may have to pay a fine and be imprisoned. The same punishment is also applicable to anyone who publishes such pictures.

Article 43 of the UAE Copyright Law (Federal Law No. 7 of 2002) reiterates the offence under the Penal Code but also grants some exceptions. If the photographer or videographer captures a picture of another they shall not have the right to keep, show, exhibit, communicate, distribute, or publish the pictures without the prior consent of the person of whom the picture had been taken. The offence shall be punished by detention for not more than six months and payment of a fine.

The exceptions to this offence are if:


  • The picture is captured at a public event;
  • The picture is of official personalities, public figures or celebrities; or
  • The publication of the pictures is permitted by the authorities in the public interest.

Under Article 21 of the UAE Cyber Crime Law (Federal Law No. 5 of 2012), using a visual device to invade the privacy of a third party by capturing their picture or transferring, copying or keeping those pictures is a crime punishable by at least six months imprisonment and a fine of up to Dh500,000.

In addition to the legislation mentioned above, Dubai has its own Code of Conduct to set the standards for social ethics and mutual respect to be followed by all of Dubai’s citizens, residents and visitors in respect of the Emirate’s culture, religion and habits. Whilst it is specific to Dubai, it is safe to assume the same or more stringent standards would apply in the other Emirates. Article 4.5 of the Code of Conduct reads: “Photos of people - and especially photos of women and families - in public places shall not be taken without their permission. Taking photos of people is a sensitive issue in Dubai’s local culture.”

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Wedding Date is agreed.

So, what is the next step for every single Bride?

Yes, running to the best Wedding Gowns Boutiques, check the best wedding Ideas for hairstyle and make up, find sparkling tiara and most elegant shoes, parfume and give aways....so many things to do ) But all of these prewedding reserches and shopiing is very happy time! Every single detail keep a lot of special memories. That's why for our team photoshoot of bridal details is very important. We shoot details with passion. And we make our brides so happy, because they cant share their photos, but easily upload details pictures fo instagram, whats app and snap. 

Why all details shoots look so different?

Because all our brides is unique . Some is more romantic, some more classic. And we love different styles!)


Enjoy our photos and follow us on instagram @weddingday_by_theloftstudio to see everyday the new photographs)


Saif and Alaa

I was very hesitant to go to any professional photographer for my engagement photos as I'm very obsessed with details. Then i found ekateryna on instagram and i really loved her work! I talked to her and her professional communication and flexibility were amazing, and she could shoot very beautiful and natural photos based on my own choice of places. She was supportive and polite and fun all along, and when I received the photos I was astonished, they were wonderful and beyond my expectations! I will definitely do it again!

Saad & Reem

We would like to sincerely thank you for your great assistance and professionalism! You turned our day into a great one full of smiles and away from the stress. Truly talented!
We forwarded your contact to our friends.
Wish you a year full of success, good health and all the best

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