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My name is Vlada.To begin with, I'm a photographer with 6 years of expirience and I've worked in three different countries, and now I work with Loft Studio Team in Abu Dhabi. I love shooting weddings and children, because I'm inspired by real emotions. 

Describing myself, I can say I'm tolerant, attentive, respectful and considarate. I can find a common language with everybody easily, because I'm open, easy-going and creative. I will help you feel comfartable and freely. You will never notice the time we spend together, I promise that our photoshoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be full of smile and fun, especially if it is wedding. If you decide to work with us, you will be able to enjoy your wonderful photographs soon.

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My name is Ana. I've been shooting and editing movies since 2012 and now I`m in wonderful Loft Team in Abu Dhabi. Video production is not only work, but also the lifestyle for me. In my opinion, video creation can be compared with a parallel reality. When I see the world through the lens, everything becomes different: outlines, details and people. I strive to find a suitable angle to create a unique frame and save the beauty of every moment in our memory. 

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Memories are the most important and valuable things which stay with us for the rest of our life. We cherish all bright feelings, children's delight and the warm of love from our dear friends. I am looking forward to sharing the magic of these moments with you.

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I found myself as a photographer in UAE. It was this kind of overwhelming desire to capture the moments and people - the days which will never repeats. I’m thankful that my work allows me to pursue my passion for photographing what I see and how I feel. It’s a journey that’s given me the opportunity to connect with incredible people around UAE, and share in the many different ways they lives. Each time, my goal is the same: to capture the day and moments purely, joyfully, and honestly.
During the wedding day I am a storyteller and a problem solver. When I am posing you, I work to make you comfortable enough to find the real emotions and expressions within you. And when I am documenting the day, I work to make you comfortable enough to forget I'm there.


My purpose consists of creating the emotional, breathtaking movies for our clients.
I want to inspire and be inspired by our couples, every tiniest detail to give you feelings and to keep them for many years.
I create the individual movie for each of our couples to let other people to feel the beauty of your emotions within many next years.
I really like doing wedding movies and for this reason I seek to keep all details – from a dress, flowers and jewelry, which you choose with such tenderness, to each smile and tears of happiness on your wedding celebration.
And I sincerely hope that you will entrust me creation of your family movie. I promise to treat it with the same reverence and love, as well as you. Eventually, you shouldn't agree on anything else, except the best!
That's why so many people have charged me video filming of their wedding and engagement days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

#wedding #bridal #photography #videography #Abudhabi #Dubai #fashion #interior #studio

Photograper in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE by the Loft Studio - first interior photo studio based in Abu Dhabi.
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