Our Studio

LOFT Studio is an interior space created for the embodiment of various creative ideas, art photoshoots and commercial filming. We are very attentive to the details of our interiors, which is certainly reflected in the result of photo and video shootings. Our Studio located in the heart of the new Abu Dhabi. 320 sq m, panoramic windows overlooking the Gulf and Mangrooves, 8 locations are always waiting for their guests)

Reception Area

We are always Happy to meet our clients with smile and aromatic koffee/tea and yammy chocolates. Our staff will assist you with pleaure and answer to all your questions

Meeting Room

Our Palace Style meeting room is always waiting our clients. Here you can see all variety of albums and prints. Our stuff will present you real weddings photo and video(private session). We wil help you to create best schedule of your shooting, pick up the best ideas and for sure, your shooting will be scheduled on the most comfortable time for you.

White Hall

Vintage style make up table

Flowers and Candles

Elegant Sofa


Crystal chandeliers

Huge mirror

Breathtaking white interior room with gorgeous columns were created with passion and love. It suits for so many different styles. Fashion and Newborn, Boduar and Wedding- everything looks Grand in our interior.

Fiting Room/Make Up Room

Have you ever dream to become a Hollywood superstar? If Yes, we are welcoming you to make all preparation in our cozy and comfortable dressing room. Almost 50 bulbs shining and creating special mood from the first second you enter. Everything is ready to create your look- tables and chairs for make up and hair, hangers for dresses , shelves for accessories.

Minimalistic Style Walls

Square blue , white bricks and plane black walls is suitable for portraits and also artistics photoshoots with different decorations. What can be more easy to create special zone with our walls?

Vintage Library
Our Library colors is combination of navy blue and dark green with some assents of yellow and golden lights.

We love to travel and bring some speial vintage souvenirs to decorate our studio Wooden eagle, Olimpic Game 1963 Leica camera, old books, jewelry boxes and vynil records etc.

Its decorated with the massive vintage leather sofa and buffalo skin on the floor.

The main accent and bright spot throughout the location are the retro lamps on the long wires which. Do you want to enjoy the feeling of London?)

Fireplace Area

Vertical lines, 2 doors with glass, white fireplace is absolutely perfect area to create your own story. Happy Family pictures or fashion, couple or individual shoots everything will looks grand and tasty

Blue and Gold

Baroque Dressing table (Blue/Gold Zone) for Exquisite Beauties and shoots with luxury chic.

Gorgeous gold dressing table vintage painted and decorated by floral details with same styled big morrow and splendor chair.

Pair of gold plated sconces with deep crimson color shade on the sides and hand made vase with dark red roses on the table - impression of a royal boudoir

Our Family corner

Family corner is specially created for families who would love to make the feeling of sweet home photoshoot. It can be easily decorated by your own photoframes. Our family zone can easily reproduce comfortable atmosphere of your house. Hang your photoframes or special arts

Newborn Areas and Props

"Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how BIG love really is."

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Photograper in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE by the Loft Studio - first interior photo studio based in Abu Dhabi.
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